Inbreng NJCM over grensdetentie

Namens de werkgroep vreemdelingenrecht van het NCJM heb ik een bijdrage geschreven over grensdetentie.

This document contains a list of issues prior to the submission of the Seventh Periodic Report by the Netherlands to the UN Committee against Torture (hereafter: the Committee). This report was created with input and effort on the part of a wide variety of organizations and individuals (hereafter: the NGO coalition). The NGO coalition is grateful to the members of the Committee for the opportunity to contribute to the Committee’s work and to voice our concerns. The NGO coalition aims to provide the Committee with information which will enable it to make its dialogue with the Dutch government as effective and useful as possible. Since the NGOs are all based in the European part of the Kingdom, this document almost exclusively deals with the situation in the European part of the Kingdom.

Definitive NJCM UNCAT LoIPR-2 het volledige rapport.